Mobile SEO Strategy

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As we move ahead in 2015, Google is placing an increasing importance on mobiles – naturally as more and more searches are actually conducted on the go. The search engine results has thus also changed slightly to accommodate for more mobile-friendly practices and thus your SEO strategy also needs to be in line or you would risk losing out to your competitors on Google or other search engines. Here is a free tool provided by Google to test if your website is indeed mobile friendly.

There are many companies who do not actually know how to make their websites mobile friendly, and that will definitely hurt their rankings on mobile browsers. If you are one of them, then you definitely need to watch the following video by Moz on mobile SEO strategy as well as getting a competent company in Singapore to help you and advise you, if not help you by providing SEO services to your website and company.

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Finding A Singapore Search Engine Optimization Company

If you are looking ardently for a Singapore SEO company, here are some tips you should adhere to so that you can ensure that whatever search engine optimization services you receive from any Internet marketing company in Singapore, it is that of a quality one like Shark Web, SEO Agency or Foretec.

1) First of all, you need to make sure that the payments to them are performance metrics based. If it is only efforts based, you might not be getting a good return of investment as if you were to work with a SEO consultant or agency which concentrates on providing you results.

2) Secondly, go for a mix between budget and quality (meaning speed to achieve success as well as safe white-hat SEO methods). If you have the budget, then definitely go all out. However if you don’t, do not blindly go for the cheapest option. Go for the one with reasonable pricing but quality work. This is why point 1 is utterly important. If they are performance based payments, then it’s completely safe for you. Why should you not go for the cheapest option? Keep in mind that good SEO is not something that is automated, because nothing can automate link building and earning from quality sites. It is something that requires manual work. If you cannot imagine paying an employee less than $500 a month as his or her salary, how can you pay your SEO company less than that to do top quality work for you?

3) Make sure they have a good online presence as well. Can you imagine getting SEO services from a Singapore SEO company which cannot even be found or social media (e.g. Facebook, Google Plus e.t.c.) or worse still – Google search engine itself? That speaks a lot about this company! Never work with such a contradictory Singapore SEO company or your hard earned money would disappear. Hence always work with a reputable and good SEO company which walks its talk.

Outsourcing website design in Singapore

If SEO work can be outsourced to a professional SEO company in Singapore, can’t website design and development be outsourced as well? Well, of course, the answer is a resounding yes.

Regardless of the size of your company, chances are you may need to outsource website design and development work to a Singapore web designing company. Even if you have some IT personnel in your company making sure the IT equipment and infrastructure are working fine on a day-to-day basis to support the company, the IT personnel may not be specialised in website design and development and thus, will not be able to develop a good one for your company.

Furthermore, the technical skills of developing and maintaining a website will need to be constantly upgraded to maintain a visually-appealing and attractive website according to the industry standard. Consumers’ preference for a website design may change with time, hence, you will need to know their preferences and suit your website to the consumers’ tastes. What’s more, website design is crucially linked to SEO efforts as well. You will need to have a SEO-friendly website for SEO to work more efficiently for your website especially if you want to rank well on mobile browsers. All these can be handled by the web design company Singapore well on a consistent basis. Can you do the same?

In a world that is increasingly dominated by mobile devices, there is really no more excuses for businesses to disregard mobile.

Additionally, conversion optimization or marketing is also something which is not as simple as it sounds – you need a expert web design company Singapore to help you design your website and call to action in a way such that it converts the greatest amount of visitors on your website into sales leads. After all, the main goal of your corporate website is to boost your reputation as well as increase sales to grow your business further.

Monitoring the SEO company’s progress

If you heed my advice in the earlier post, you will have gone to outsource your SEO work to a company which specialises in SEO in Singapore. Doing it internally wouldn’t make much sense since much resources will have to be spent at it to achieve effective results and the person you hire may not be the best in search engine optimization. Competition is tough on Google search engine even for Singapore industries, hence it is necessary to only get top consultants to work on it for you. These work can be outsourced to a Singapore SEO company at a much reduced cost than if you do it yourself.

So what are the things you will need to look out for to monitor the SEO company’s progress? Here’s some tips from me.

1. Check with the SEO company the work that have been done on a regular basis. Make sure that they are consistently doing SEO work for you as SEO in Singapore is a long-term ongoing effort. Make sure they are diligently helping you to build relevant backlinks from quality and authoritative sites as well as improving your social signals by sharing your sites on related social media accounts in a way that adds value and white hat to Google.

2. Always closely monitor the positions of your keywords. You will need to make sure that the keyword positions are moving up gradually. Results are what’s important. If it’s possible, tie the KPI to the performance of the keyword positions over the period of your SEO contract. If your results don’t improve, then what is the point of getting SEO done? You should see a great ROI if your search engine optimization strategy is well executed.

Is doing only SEO enough for your website?

I am sure many people have finally realised the importance of SEO – even in Singapore, a traditionally slower country when it comes to tech and Internet stuff. However, is doing only SEO enough for your website? True enough, SEO does provide traffic to your website. But there are many other internet marketing Singapore techniques. SEO is just one of the Internet marketing techniques you can implement for your Singapore based business and website. So, you may ask me what other online marketing or online advertising techniques are there? Below are some of the coolest and effective Internet marketing techniques.

1. SEM. Also known as PPC or Adwords or search engine marketing in full, it is usually referred to as advertising on the world’s largest possible search engine – Google. Many businesses which implement SEO on the go start off with SEM so that while they wait for the SEO efforts to bear fruit, their Singapore SEM strategy would be generating them some leads as well! If you’re looking for a good SEM company in Singapore do check out

2. Blogging. There are many bloggers who have huge fan base. These bloggers blog on a frequent basis, as frequently as once a day. There is even a professional term to call these bloggers now – social influencer. You can start a blog yourself to acquire a respectable fan base and then promote your product or service to them, or simply advertise your product or service with a blogger.

3. Forum posting. There are usually some very active and popular Internet forums in every country – and this includes Singapore. You can go into specialised forums such as car forums if your business is car-related. As the audience there is interested in car products/services, the conversion rate is probably going to be high.

4. Social media marketing. You can market your products/services in the social media such as youtube, facebook, and twitter. Simply create a page and upload content into it. This will create a platform for you to interact with your customers.

Should you DIY or outsource SEO?

This is a common dilemma encountered by companies. As more and more companies realises the importance and benefits of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), many have started to do it for their company website. Some companies have chosen to conduct SEO themselves by developing an in-house SEO team. Others outsource the SEO work to professional SEO companies. There are also some who are undecided. Should you choose to do SEO yourselves or outsource it?

I would advise you to outsource it. Do your homework and find a good SEO company in the market which provides one of the best SEO services in Singapore.

SEO is something which is highly niche and constantly changing as the search engines may update their algorithms from time to time. It will require a lot of resources to maintain the SEO work inhouse. I am sure much lesser money will be spent if you choose to outsource it as the professional SEO company will be able to carry out the best SEO services Singapore more efficiently and effectively, thus able to pass on some cost-savings to you.

When you hire an in house specialist instead, you would need to pay for his or her CPF in Singapore and you would also need to constantly monitor him to ensure that he or she does not laze away. However, when you work with a company in Singapore instead, the SEO company would be working really hard for you as contractual work usually has some form of performance metrics to monitor the work they do for you. Additionally outside SEO companies will want to have good word of mouth marketing – but this may not be the case for in house hired people as some people are just seriously lazy.

Creating A Great Website Experience

When it comes to website design, it all comes down to creating a great user experience on your website if you want them to stay so you can sell them more and make greater sales and profits for your business.

This is also a reason why many companies hire a website design firm or freelancer to do it up professionally – because conversion optimization is not as easy as simply installing Google analytics and staring at the screen and making random adjustments to the website design and call to action button. It is an exact science which only top digital marketing consultants are capable of achieving if you want to make more money from your local business. FYI, Shark Web is one of the top digital marketing companies in Singapore that delivers extraordinary internet marketing results for its clients.

But anyway, here are some DIY tips you want to note down when it comes to website design. (web programming is a completely different issue altogether)

You want clean and crisp. Having empty space on your website gives the illusion of premium-ness and also helps your visitors to your web to look only at your content that you want them too – instead of them being overwhelmed by the ton of information flooding their eyeballs.

Use graphics only where necessary. Unless you have dedicated servers, high resolution graphics (which you should use if required) will load pretty slowly, and that means bounce rate will be increased as most people do not have much patience waiting for websites to load online.

Create breaks in the website through the efficient use of colors.

If you want people to notice something either change the background of that part of the content or change the font colors.

Getting SEO Results Quickly

If you have a website and run a business, surely, you want to rank highly on Google to get a huge and steady influx of visitors to your website so that you can grow your business. However, how do you get SEO results quick and effectively in a white-hat manner? (white hat meaning according to the rules of Google’s search engine). You can either do it by yourself or get a good SEO consultant in Singapore e.g. Shark Web Singapore to help you.

You will need to first understand how Google works. Google wants to show up websites which are the most relevant to the user’s query, then followed by the less relevant ones.

So, everything that goes into good SEO has to be rewarding sites which actually add value to people’s lives for that particular search term that it wants to rank well on Google search engine for.

Google does this by rewarding links to websites which come from highly relevant websites. Why does Google do this? Simple, because a link from a highly relevant site to your website will have a high chance of being value-adding, instead of a link from a random and unrelated website.

Secondly, social media accounts which are highly relevant to the website in topic mentioning about the website will also result in improving the website’s search engine rankings – and Google is increasingly paying more attention to social media presence of a particular website (both engagement and amount of followers / likes).

The above examples also illustrate perfectly why it is absolutely crucial for you to get a good SEO consultant in Singapore to help you market your website or you would only end up in disaster.

If you are not sure how to go about doing Google search engine optimization, then make sure to hire a professional SEO consultant in Singapore or you would damage your website rankings for the long term which is extremely not worth it. Invest in your website and business today by utilizing and leveraging SEO for your business leads generation.